Connecting disabled children and families with the Resources of our community

Organization's History


    Olive in July Inc. is a non-profit organization located in Lawrence, MA founded in 2011. Our vision is helping  disabled and low-income families in the community. Our president and founder Eulalia A. Feliz was inspired to start the nonprofit after seeing the desperate needs of families with disabled children. Helping assists these children and their families in order to get them into better surroundings for their physical as well as emotional development. We all work here to see the smiles on these children’s faces when they can finally get a book bag full of school supplies, or when we can provide them with toys during the holiday season. It is that simple joy and satisfaction that keeps us coming back day after day and giving all of our time to this children and families. 


   We have now expanded the organization to include things such as ESL classes for adults Querer es Poder program, so they may learn basic English communication skills. Help them find better employment opportunities. We also  are VITA SITE authorized by IRS to file the tax return to low-income families in the community.  In 2016, we are planning on starting a class in April for those individuals who want to become United States Citizens

  We were founded on an idea  that we can change the world by  helping disabled and low-income families in the best ways that we can. The idea got so big that eventually, the families became a part of us. In order for these children to improve their quality of life, it was going to take more than a few gifts and donations.That's when the vision became a reality behind Olive In July Inc was born.

   At first, we started the missionary work in the Dominican Republic bringing clothes, food, toys, school supplies, medical supplies and things for basic needs to disable and low-income children and families.  In the United States, we have had many fun events for the children that belong to Christmas in July Inc. such as Ice cream Parties, our Annual Christmas Party and Toys Giveaway, Stop Think Act which was aimed at helping kids stay abstinent and that was just in 2014. We have had that and many more events. We need your help to make this possible. All those kids have is a hope, dream, and we want to help them every step of the way to make it easier.


Eulalia Feliz
Director Of Education
Andres Flobil

The Story Of Olive

Giving light and joy 

through a path of

hope to disabled children

and their

families with low income resources

Dando  luz y la alegría

trillamos un camino de

esperanza a los niños

discapacitados y familias de bajos recursos

            Who is Olive?

   When Olive was 16 years old, he had a tragic accident and broken his back and became paraplegic.

   Olive In July, Inc. funded his medical services and all basic needs .

   Despite strong effort that our organization did for

Olive, unexpected illness took Olive away from us. ( He pass away February21,2015).


   Before Olive died, our organization was named Christmas In July, Inc. Now that we don"t have him physically them we decided to change the name to Olive In July, Inc on his memory.