Gina Murphy is President of OLIVE IN JULY, INC. BOARD,  MSN , RN holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Massachusetts in Lowell, MA and a Master of Science in Nursing Administration from Simmons College in Boston, MA.  She has 26 years of nursing experience working in acute care of adult medical-surgical patients and 14 years of experience in various nursing leadership roles. For the past 10 years, she has served in the nursing director role of a 44 bed inpatient unit at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, MA.   When not working, I enjoy spending time with the family and helping the community.

JUAN LEDESMA RODRIGUEZ           Treasurer

LENDY ALVAREZ                                Clerk

BLANCA DURAN                                Clerk  Assistant

MILADY SEPULVEDA                         Director


    TITLE                              FIRST NAME        LAST NAME           PROJECT                      

FOUNDER CEO                   Eulalia                   Feliz                      Director VITA-SITE Program      

Director of Education        Andres                  Flobil                     ESOL & Citizenship Classes

Office Coordinator             Mareling               Fernandez             Operations/Development

IT                                         William                 Martinez                Management Software

Accounting Assistant        Rafaela                 Hernandez             Event Management



Joshua Caminero           

William Martinez           

Eulalia Sierra                 

Odris Changer                 

Rafaela Hernandez        

Kimberly Drys dale

Ada Frias

Alberto Rojas

Elizabeth Segura

Eva Hernandez

Hector Famania

Ilonka Espaillat

Janet Garcia

Miledis Tavarez

Niurka Salomon

Victor Jaime

Xiomara Ventura

Margarita Cedeño

Darcie Torland

Faith Torland

Anthony Ruperto

Juan Morales

Carmen Rodriguez

Anilda Rodriguez

Jose Rivera

Nieve Lara

Peter Changer

Wendy Press

Rosa Morbon

Zoila Morbon

Marleny Garcia